Friday, June 05, 2009

Make sure to cut your grass..its really important

This was my response to a notice I received in the mail today from the always lovely City of Champaign.

I am writing to complain about a violation we have apparently committed. We received a notice today about MC 22-302.1(b)(6). So, basically I have the city telling us our grass in our backyard is too long.

There are many reasons I think this is absolutely ridiculous but I understand that there must be city codes to make sure we are all safe, clean, and most of all, attractive.

But please consider that since it is Spring and we have had increased amounts of rain, keeping the grass maintained is a chore for all households. Also, consider that my husband and I both work two jobs to support our family of five and are currently without a lawnmower. In the past three weeks that we have be unable to attend to our lawn, we have not had the time or financial resources to even purchase a new mower, let alone, mow the grass twice a week (which is our neighbors' preference).

In our lives right now, maintaining our lawn to our neighbors' desires and keeping it 'attractive' for the city is not a top priority for our family. We are more concerned about paying our mortgage, buying groceries, and trying to find some quality time to spend together. Additionally, our family makes a point to contribute to the community in many ways. The paramedic arriving at a car accident, that's my husband. That teacher guiding your child through life, that's me. The kid raising money for community organizations, that's my daughter. The kids picking up garbage on their way to the park, those are my sons. But apparently, we are also the ones with a yard out-of-view from the street that is too long for the city's liking.

We will try our hardest to meet the deadline specified in the notice. However, before handing out fines and filing liens on our property, consider the bigger picture of life, family, and community.


Jack said...

just to give you someone else to be mad at, these offenses are not regularly policed but enforced when someone calls to complain. One of your neighbors asked for enforcement!

Jenna said...

oh, I am well aware, thank you.

Melissa Niksic said...

Wow, that's awful. If it makes you feel any better, you should see my lawn! Out of control.

Jenna said...

Thank you all to those who have called and emailed with offers to help us out!