Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer Randomness

Our summer has been busy and hot...really hot.

Every summer I try to prepare for the huge, temporary change in our lives. But I never seem to stock enough food in the house, keep the dishes done, or floors cleaned. I also can't escape "I'm bored! I have nothing to do." Apparently, all the toys, books, movies, and games in our house are useless (should I give them all away?). And with three kids, finding time to head to the pool, a movie, or the library in between art class, softball practice, gymnastics, and work is trying.

Overall, we have been doing pretty well. Some fights, tears but lots of laughter and fun as well.

It has also been the summer of broken dreams of the an old house...AC is dead, oven is on the fritz, the car battery got angry after a cross country vacation, and now the coffeemaker is out too. Thanks for the tax refund to get us through these trying times!

Finally, our annual mystery squash has appeared again. I will post a photo as soon as one is big enough so we can all guess. Each year for the past three years, we get some fabulous growth out of our compost but it is always different and unlike anything we put in the compost.

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