Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fitness Friday!!!

For me, there is nothing more boring than walking on the treadmill or going for a run outside on my own. I am a social being and I need people around me when I sweat!
So, my fitness tip for you this week is...

***Find a buddy to exercise with!
It has long-been advised to find someone to workout with. This helps you hold accountability for each other. You can set goals for each other such as a local 5K. But more importantly you have someone to gossip with. You could even start a facebook group! Keep track of your friends activities.

***Check out group fitness classes!
I, of course, love classes. It is why we joined The Fitness Center so long ago and now teach classes myself. It is so much fun to workout with other people! Plus, it is great to turn off your brain for an hour and let someone else tell you what to do. You can laugh together, moan together, and get sweaty and smelly together! But also you can meet others who have similar fitness goals and even make some amazing friends. I feel like I am a part of each person's fitness journey as well as all the members being part of mine.

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