Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5 ideas under $5 to break through the summer boredom!

Have you hit that point yet? The kids have watched every DVD you own, read each book, can't think of anything else to destroy or dismantle, they've eaten every morsel in the cupboards?

Here's some things to do to finish up the summer!

1. Water/Pool noodles! They are on sale now and cheap anyways. We don't have a pool but our noodles have become anything from a tightwire, swords, fences, massage tools, belts....

2. Package of plastic cups! They can stack them, count them, have a tea party with, tape them up!

3. A pair of scissors! Give them the recycling papers and let them go! Ask them to cut the grass!

4. $5! Give your kids a couple bucks and take them to Walgreens and let them get whatever they want.

5. Homemade playdough! Its cheap, its fun, and its is so much better than store-bought!
* 1 cup salt
* 2 cup flour
* 2 tablespoon cream of tartar
* 2 tablespoon oil
* 2 cup water
* food coloring, kool-aid, jello, or extract
Combine all ingredients in medium pot. Heat over med-low heat and stir until ball forms. Dump out onto counter/cutting board dusted with floor. Allow to cool 10mins then kneed until smooth (dust with floor if sticky). Leave out until completely cool. Store in air tight container.


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