Friday, July 30, 2010

Fitness Friday!!!

Fitness DVD Review! Dancing with the Stars: Dance off the Pounds

If you watch the show and want to shed some pounds and tone up that body....this is the best DWTS DVD yet (they are all pretty good). This 45-min workout includes three dances...the three most energetic, calorie-burning ballroom categories: swing, jive, and the quickstep.

The DVD is broken up into four segments (the three dances and a cool down). You can do each section individually or mix them up for a full workout. You can also do each section with or without verbal cuing. Each section builds up simple choreography into a combination that is repeated several times. The instructors, Kym, Lacey, and Dimitri, all teach the moves fairly clearly and repeat each movement several times before slowly adding up to the entire combination.

Although it is pretty beginner-friendly, they do not provide specific modifications to make the workout less or more intense. Additionally, the cool down stretches are not held long enough to properly stretch each muscle group. So, if you are new to dancing or fitness, you may want to start with one dance at a time and build up to the complete 45 mins (ALWAYS cool down and stretch with each workout).

This is a pretty fun and effective workout. I would recommend you check it out!
*The Champaign Library carries this title!

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