Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More quick thoughts...

We have two sick kids home this I haven't had a lot of time to think. But here are some thought that have made it through my sleep-deprived brain.

*The Laundry Strike has worked...and not. My daughter quickly realized that she would stand out on the soccer team without her jersey and socks so she not only put away any clean laundry but went through all her drawers and organized everything...we'll see how long that lasts. It took her about a week. After asking me a couple times about laundry, I said to my husband..."You know I am not doing your laundry anymore, right?". So, despite a clear declaration of strike and a mention on my blog...he was oblivious. He apparently didn't notice the hamper devoted solely to his clothes. So, he did his own. Fine with me. We'll see how long he takes to break.

*The Champaign Park District is hosting Nightmare on Grove Street this Saturday in Douglass Park from 12-3pm. It is geared for 3-11yos with hay rides, food, games, a haunted house. And Cirque du Soleil will be around with miming, juggling, stiltwalking, tumbling, etc! Oh...and it is FREE! (They will also be at Halloweenfest at Market Place Mall on Monday the 29th (also FREE) and of course at Assembly Hall Nov 9-10 (tickets contact Assembly Hall)).

For more Halloween fun this weekend...there is a lot...check out the News-Gazette. Off the top of my head....the Farmer's Market, libraries, Meijer....

*A random thought...I saw an ad for the One Antipoverty Campaign. It struck me as odd that celebrities who make millions of dollars are asking the general public for money. I am all for eliminating poverty and AIDS, etc. But I wonder if these celebrities gave all but 1 million dollars of their money away each year (I think they could live on 1 mil/yr...I could) that might impact this fight.

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