Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Issues, issues

**First of all....Moveon.org is sponsoring another rally in support of the Children's Healthcare Policy currently being vetoed by the president.

Tonight at 5pm at Veteran's Memorial (Broadway and Main Sts.), Urbana.

Remember to call, write, or email your representatives to tell what you think (about any issue...they work for us!)!

**Secondly, last week, Illinois overrode the governor's veto for a bill mandating a daily moment of silence at all Illinois schools. So, my 11yo daughter comes home yesterday and says..."The moment of silence is stupid. It sure feels like prayer to me, and I don't like that." Well put.

This moment of silence (not 'prayer') is a big waste of legislative time, energy, and money. Besides it rides along the lines of church and state...the policy itself is so flawed. There are very rough guidelines (each school must have a moment of silence). There is no definition for how long, when, where, or what to do during that time. Additionally, this is very difficult policy to enforce and therefore discipline. Additionally, it takes time out of the day not only for the actual moment but for the planning and execution of the policy. They've taken arts, physical education, and foreign languages out our of schools...given them no money to operate...and required ridiculous amounts of time for testing...and now this?

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