Monday, October 29, 2007

Family Fitness

We are a very active family. And we love to are some ways we fit it all in (no pun intended...).

*You've got to love it. Find something you love doing (latin dance, kickboxing, walking, cycling, tennis...).

*Gym membership
We really couldn't afford it but it was important to us. It allows us to really get in a good workout, socialize with other adults, and the kids love the playroom. (I now work at our gym so our membership is free). Finding a gym that meets your family's needs is important and may take some leg work.

We have music playing in our house most of the time. When its on, we dance! We dance a lot. It is great exercise that burns fat, works almost every muscle in your body, anyone can do, and is FUN!

We play with our kids on the floor a lot. You can bench press the little ones, bicep curls, leg press, let them sit on your back to do push-ups.

*Go Outside!
We ride bikes, walk, run, play sports. We have a great backyard to do this in.

*Do it together
We dance, play, and go outside together but we also just do plain ole exercise together. Family pilates and 4yo loves push ups and sit ups. We show them that exercise is important to being healthy.

Some timely tips....
If you don't feel like your kids give you enough of a workout and you can't get to a gym...
*Take 30mins to do strength and toning while you watch tv at night or during the morning news. Or do jumping jacks or jog during commercials.
*Take a walk first thing in the morning before the kids get up.
*Do ab or glute squeezes while you do the dishes.
*Do 3-5 mins of strengthening or toning a few times throughout the day when you get a will add up.
*Bath time is a great time to get many things done (in the bathroom).

Try Sparks People for exercise tips, nutritional info (calorie counting program), weight loss tips, message boards.....


BelleNoelle said...

Hey there!

I guess it was inevitable that I would run into another blogger. You are right, you totally look like "the older sister chaperone" not like a mom with three kids! I'm going to try to take your Zumba class next week (if I can get a ride) I'll be sure to say hi.

Anonymous said...

That's so funny that you wrote this! The other night I was trying to get in a few sit-ups while my daughter crawled around. Every time I tried sitting up she tackled me until I finally gave up. Sadly I can still feel the burn in my abs. I am SO out of shape!

Jenna said...

I sit my little one on top of my tummy me facing me and crunch up and tickle him. He thinks its funning...mommy coming in close and then going away again. You can also do some glute work (raising your buns up and down)...a fun ride for the kids.

Its a kid rule that as soon as an adult lays on the floor, they must attack.