Sunday, October 14, 2007


Busy week...

*I finally cleaned out the freezer, including all the frozen was all from last Dec. It was sad and if I had done it last week during PMS-craziness, it would have been a sad scene.

*Our 2yo is using the potty! He even pooped there!

*Watched the British comedy (thriller, police, shoot-em-up spoof) Hot was very funny. I love Shaun of the Dead (zombie spoof) (by the same group of Brits) is hilarious.

*Watched TV's Women's Murder Club (based on some good James Patterson books)....disappointing, but I'm giving it some time.

*On a laundry strike (did you read that darling?)...I am not doing my husband or daughter's laundry until they put away what they already have. If you know my husband, you might notice he wears the same couple you'd be surprised to learn that he has an enormous amount of clothing...that lives all over my house.

*Not sure how I feel about the now-mandatory moment of silence at all Illinois schools. It sure sounds like prayer but we'll see. I think it is pretty silly to require are they going to monitor that. I'm glad our government took the time, energy, and money on this there is nothing else that needs to happen in education (hey...where's that budget?).

*Enjoyed the presentation of the CPD Ballet Program at the library yesterday, 4yo wasn't interested but the older one was. But then I started really sucks that the arts are very limited to those with money and time. Wouldn't CU benefit from a dance or music program that was FREE! and met at times that working parents could get their kids there? (note the park districts do have some scholarship funds available for their programs). CPD has a new website design, by the way.

*Went to Lonestar Steakhouse for dinner...Kids eat free on Tuesdays! It was a great frugal moment!

Have a great week!!!


MidlifeMutant said...

What a fabulous idea---laundry strike. My daughter and granddaughter moved in mid-August and I've been doing their laundry. I hang up all the hang up stuff and put the rest in baskets. IT NEVER gets put away. Wouldn't you think the least someone could do is put the laundry away when you've done it for them. Then in itself is enough for a strike but then my daughter BLAMES me when she can't find something.

lbotp said...

I had my mom clean out all the unused frozen breastmilk, because I was afraid if I did it I would have a nervous breakdown. I treated every drop of pumped milk as if it were gold ...and I had so much left over. Silly me. If there's a next time, I won't be so miserly about it.

Leeanthro said...

Wish I had extra milk!

Can't decide if I should be freezing what little I get pumping at work or just feeding it to him the next day in addition to formula. (your thoughts?)

Check out Art in Motion. They have a wide variety of classes-something for everyone. But no, it's not free either.

Jenna said...

I personally did not use formula so I pumped what I could for times when I wasn't going to be home. So, if you are using formula I don't think it matters. I would think it is beneficial that he is getting as much bm each day as possible.

Some people use ebm to help in having a stock in the freezer would help that.