Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nudist Colony

I have to admit to you all...I live in a nudist household. On most days, at most times, at least one person in the house is naked..or close to it. In particular, the boys are nudies! It all started when my 3yo was potty training and we used the naked method. Since then, throughout the day, he slowly takes off more and more clothes. By bed time, he is definitely nude. With the weather, we are fine with him sleeping in just a diaper. Our youngest has taken it on as well. He pulls and tugs at his clothing....takes his diaper off at all costs (through the onesie!). We honestly don't really even notice it anymore.

Since it is so hot...it is common to have people in their bathing suits, undies and a tank top, or just undies for the boys.

We have instituted some rules...you must wear clothes when non-family members are over (as my 3yo says, 'people don't want to see me naked'). You must wear clothes outside (for the most part). And no naked butts on the table!

Is it really a big deal? Not for us. They wear clothes when it is appropriate and they don't wear them when it is safe and comfortable.

But do take this as a warning to any of our house guests!


Leeanthro said...

My daughter proclaims that she wants to be "super naked," rips off her clothes and streaks through the house.

But now she is in a pirate phase: all pirate, all the time, everywhere.

Oh well.

Hey, I would love a society in which I could go braless!

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