Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My grandma came to visit last was so nice. She has so many 'Polish grandma-isms' that you just have to love her!

First of all...they (my dad and her) were supposed to be here at noon (this was confirmed more than once). So, I planned my morning accordingly, including an appointment until 11am. Then I call my dad to say good morning at 9am, and they are an hour away! I had to say too bad and the door will be open but we won't be home until 1115am.

Now I should have known...this is the lady who tells us Easter dinner is at 11am (why not call it brunch?). And we are late if we arrive anytime after five minutes before we said we would be there.

But all was forgiven when my grandma brought me a batch of cabbage rolls and some kolockies (which she made at 530 that morning!).

We had a very nice visit...going out to lunch, having a pizza party, heading out to Prairie Farms, playing the in backyard. But the best part was simply hanging with my grannie. Telling me all about her work (she will never retire), what books she has been reading, all about her bad eyes, the family. And when she left, I had this plate of half-gone kolockies...and the house still smelled like her (in a good bad old people smell). I just love her!

And I am definitely off the Shit List! What's that? Well, if you do anything to anger my gram you are quickly moved to the Shit List (the SL, as we refer to it). She created this. If you don't communicate with her for a certain period (determined by her). If you don't visit when you are within 100 miles of her house. If you don't keep her up-to-date on your lives. If you don't send her updated photos of yourself and your children. If you don't give her a kiss and hug hello/good-bye (my 3yo is on the SL for that). My brother will continue to stay away because he is scared at how deep he is on the SL. The good news is that getting off the SL is quick and relatively painless...just give her a call or stop in for a visit. She just wants to be loved! And I am happy to indulge her! is her recipe for Kolockies (Eastern European cookies)
although I will probably be on the SL for sharing this with non-Polish/non-family members!

2 sticks of oleo, softened (what she calls margarine...but I use butter)
8oz cream cheese, softened
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp vanilla
fillings (we use canned or jarred pie fillings...our favorite is apricot but raspberry is great...or even sweetened cream cheese)

Cream oleo and cream cheese. Add vanilla and flour. Work until it becomes a nice dough. Turn out onto surface and roll until about 1/8 in thick. Cut into 1-2in squares. Add a small amount of filling to each square. Pinch two opposing corners together. Place on baking sheet. Bake 20-25 mins on 350F. Remove from oven. Sprinkle liberally with powdered sugar.

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