Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pool Time!

So, we finally made it to the pool today. It was a fun time. It was hot today, about 85 F and humid but it wasn't crazy hot like it is in July so at times it was actually a bit cool. Our littlest one was shivering a bit, coming in and out of the water.

We went to our local public pool, Sholem Aquatic Park. It has a baby pool (which isn't open right now), a zero-depth or beach-like pool, a lazy river, and a couple water slides. I really like the zero-depth pool because all the kids can be in the same pool (normally the baby pool is restricted to those 0-4yrs old, meaning my older child can't be in there but the big pool is too deep to bring the little ones). At Sholem, they also have some fun activities like a slide, water spouts, a dumping contraption in the shallow end. The kids loved it. We all really enjoyed the lazy river (called The Rapids at Sholem). The boys thought it was a really fun ride. Our 10yo really loved the bigger waterslide.

At Sholem, there are really nice grassy areas to sit and have a snack, sunbathe, or just hang out. The concession area is nice, covered, and clean. The snacks, although we brought our own, are reasonably priced (including popcorn, ice cream, soft pretzels, hot dogs, pizza, french fries). Note to parents...swim diapers are required for little ones, but if you forget, you can purchase them for $1.

Overall, Sholem is a really nice place to spend a couple hours with the family or even on a date with your special someone. They are open until 8pm and offer a couple movie nights.

We purchased a season pass (getting the early-bird discount in April). I figured out that we need to go 7 times in order to break even. Kids 3 and younger are free, so we could get away with a family pass for 3. Additionally, we can go to Spalding Pool, which is actually a couple blocks from the house. So, its a good deal...and it allows us to bop over to the pool for just an hour or leaving when the kids are throwing tantrums after we just got there...and not feel bad about spending a lot of money.

So, check out your local pool...through the park district or YMCA. Or, if you are lucky enough, get to the beach!

Enjoy! Be safe!

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