Monday, May 03, 2010

Food Update


We have stopped buying flavored yogurts (for the most part, they are now a treat) and absolutely no go-gurts and other cotton candy and similarly flavored yogurts. Yoplait now offers Simply Gogurts which are free from artificial colors and flavors but they still contain sugar.

We switched to tubs of Stonyfield Farms low-fat, plain yogurt (and add whatever flavors I want to with real fruit or honey). It is an organic brand. Previously, I would purchase the store-brand.

I have also started eating some Greek-style yogurt. It has more protein which is great for me for breakfast or when I am working out a lot that day. It is also good for my non-protein eating son (he has stopped eating meat, eggs, cheese, and beans). I like Yoplait's a lot and it fits better into our budget (but it is still expensive about $1/cup). Stonyfield also offers varieties (called Oikos) at a slightly higher price (but you can get coupons online). I have also had a Fage and found it too heavy for me...almost like eating sour cream. Like my regular yogurt, I always buy plain and add what I want (that way I can control my sugar, etc).

Most of these brands of offered in most grocery stores including Walmart, Meijer, Schnucks, Jewel, and even small markets.


We have decided that we will continue to purchase store-brand, regular, old eggs. We did the research on organic, cage-free, etc. eggs. Meijer does offer an organic option but it is still at least 3X the cost of regular eggs. The amount of eggs we consume (and would like to continue to since it is a good protein source for us), we cannot afford this change.

*We are now focusing on better meat choices. I'll let you know what I find out.


HegartyFamily said...

Have you checked the price of eggs from the U of I?

Jenna said...

We are headed there next Thursday...I'll report back.

Blond Girl said...

Do you have a Sam's membership? I've found that the 18 pack of Egglands Best is reasonable there. I don't always buy them; depends on if I need eggs while I'm there. But we eat a LOT of them.

Now, you mentioned better meat options and I'll tell you two of my favorites.
1. Sam's again: they have these lovely rotisseri chickens that are steriod and hormone free. They're larger than the ones at County Market and only cost 4.97. I tear those puppies down and get anywhere from 1-3 meals, depending on what I'm making.

Now, for hamburger, I've learned that County Market sells their leftover ground chuck and ground sirloin each night for 1.99 a pound. At the end of the night, they package up whatever didn't sell out of the butcher meat case. Such a good deal and very nice meat, generally 80-90% lean.

By the way, I am a (recent-ish) transplant from Minneapolis to Champaign. It is nice to find a mommy blogger here in town. I found you on the blog roll at Little blog on the prairie. I'll be back!

manicmondaymomma said...

Make your own yogurt and save tons of money. Google for instructions-- its really easy. I let my kids add a dollop of jam to it and they love it. If you live in Urbana, you can raise chickens and they are the easiest thing in the world. We purchase grassfed beef from the Amish. Still more expensive that factory cow meat, but so much healthier. Definitely worth it. Good luck with your food choices!

manicmondaymomma said...

Oh, and you should check out this blog if you think grocery store chicken is healthy. Factory farm chicken grown side-by-side a heritage breed. This is a local farm located near Bloomington.

You are what you eat!

manicmondaymomma said...
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