Monday, May 31, 2010


Central Illinois has been hit with summer a bit two months early. Our temperatures have ranged from about 85-93F with humidity and all.

Fortunately, our air conditioner (which we try not to use until it gets this hot in the middle of summer) has kicked the bucket. So we have had to find ways to stay cool.

We have an ancient window a/c unit in our bedroom and some fans.
The kids have all been in one room with a window fan on the first floor.
We all wear and sleep in as little clothes as possible.
Cool and frequent showers.
Popsicles! Ice Cream! Ice water!
Thankfully, the pool opened on Saturday...we've already logged several hours in.
New sprinkler!
Lights out. Oven off. Curtains drawn.
Linger in public a/c spaces (e.g. library, gym, preschool, coffee shop, grocery store)

Any other tips on how to beat the heat?

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