Friday, May 14, 2010

Fitness Friday!!!

Why I like being fit and healthy?

If you know me, you know that I exercise regularly and pretty hard. I really enjoy exercise and when the opportunity came up to become a fitness instructor, it really completed part of myself that I hadn't expected. Before my 6yo was born, I really never exercised. Gym class, dance class, fun at a wedding, a long walk.... Although not the best message from my husband, he got us a gym membership for our birthdays one year.

Once I started getting in shape, I quickly learned why I need to maintain this in my life.

*I can breathe! Better, at least. I have asthma and cardio is the best way to improve it. I now know that I can run, jump, and play with my kids while breathing at the same time. I have full confidence that I can sprint after a kid trying to cross the street on his own and have the breathe to tell him he scared the crap out of me afterwards.

*Energy! I have a lot of energy and it helps me keep up with the many things going on in life as well as run, jump, and play with my kids!

*Strength! I am very confident that I can pick up and carry a lot of things....children, laundry, groceries, books, chairs, dogs. I can also easily make it up and down several flights of stairs while doing household chores.

*Stress Relief! If I didn't head to the gym or to the sidewalk, my marriage would be a mess and my kids would hate me. I need to physically relieve my stress everyday. I feel so much better after a good sweat or stretch.

For me, fitness makes me a better parent and person.

If you exercise regularly, what keeps you going?
If you don't, what would you like to gain from fitness in your life?

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Gwenna said...

I am with you all the way! I feel so much better when I do and using the videos at home has really been working for me lately. :)