Monday, April 27, 2009

Self-fulfilling Check Out

My mom is morally against the self-check out lanes in many stores now because she feels it is taking a job away from a real person. Yea, yea, that may be true (although there is always someone there monitoring). But I LOVE them!

I think it taps into my childhood love of playing grocery store. Beep....beep...I really love scanning the items. Even more, growing up with a UPS father, I love bagging the groceries. I love the control too and not having to chat with the checker when I'm in a hurry (I usually like chatting with the checkers, especially the ones I've come to know over the years).

Besides drive-thru coffee and pay-at-the-pump gas stations, this is one of the best inventions of the past 5 years.


Anonymous said...

It is nice to get in and out faster and without feeling like the "bad mom" when you are having mac and cheese and hot dogs for dinner!

Donita said...

I totally agree. I actually did it myself with a full cart of groceries and there was someone there to bag for me (at Meijer). It was great!