Monday, April 20, 2009

17 Again!

My daughter has been asking to see the newest edition to Zac Efron's filmography for weeks and we finally made it over to the theater.

17 Again (PG-13, 102mins)

The plot is a basic story of a man whose life is hanging on by a thread but, with the help of some magic, gets one more chance to set things on the right course. Without giving too much away, this story gives its man a chance to go back to being 17 years old when he originally made his life-changing decisions. The unique twists to this over-done plotline (Dickens' wrote the original in 1843) make the movie enjoyable and provide lots of laughs.

What surprised me most was that Zac Efron didn't break into song or a choreographed dance number (there is some 'spontaneous' dancing). And he used more than one facial expression. Oh my gosh....maybe he can really act?! He did a great job of pretending to be a 30-something that looks like a teenager. I think he actually added in some Chandlerisms to connect his character to his older self played by Matthew Perry. No Troy Bolton here. And he is hot...let's face it. Overall, he did great and carried the movie well.

The supporting cast was great as well...especially Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon, and Melora Hardin. Uncle Ned's house is amazing dressed with every 30-40yo man's inner teenage dreams (what happens to nerds that leave high school and make a lot of money....). Apparently the writers and designers think more than pre-teens will see this movie.

Overall, this 30-something and her pre-teen daughter had a very enjoyable movie-going experience. I would definitely recommend it for renting.

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