Thursday, April 02, 2009

The End of the ER Era

Tonight one of my favorite shows for the past 15 years will have its final episode...NBC's ER.

I have to say that it is one of the shows that I have consistently watched for its entire run. I also watched it a lot when I had my 5yo and it was on TNT in the mornings (2 episodes back to back). Its part of my Thursday night ritual.

Most people talk about Clooney but I really enjoy the entire show. My favorite episode (a 2-parter) was when Lucy Knight (played by Kellie Martin) was stabbed and later dies. I cry just thinking about is one of the best episodes of television. And at the time, no one killed off main characters. ER did that a couple times (Dr. Green, and of my favorite deaths, Dr. Romano, and Dr. Pratt). For years we waited for Doug and Carol to get together (I almost wet myself when they showed up in the episode last month!) and for Abby Lockhart to finally find happiness. Always amazing guest stars....Sally Field was probably my favorite. The cast changed over the years but there was always someone I loved (John Stamos and his sideburns and Scott Grimes' Archie Morris really grew on me). Great stories following major issues (I still get angry about Kerry almost loosing her son due to unequal right for gay couples).

Its a great show and it will be missed. (But I will enjoy every minute of the 3-hr finale)

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The Fearless Freak said...

I've also watched this show from day one, which is over half my life. I've felt like the show was basically over for years and no one had the heart to pull the plug. However, I'm still a little sad about tonight being the end of it FOREVER.

It was a great show when it started and then they started losing the cast that really made the show. For awhile, they had a run of really terrible characters that I couldn't relate to and didn't like. For the last couple of seasons, they have managed to get some good characters and that has made it watchable again. By the time it all went bad, I had 10 years invested in and watched more out of obligation than anything else. I'm glad they were able to bring it back, at least to a some degree for the final few seasons.