Monday, April 06, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens

Our drive-in experience brought us Monsters vs. Aliens (Rated G, 94min)

This Dreamworks movie is a delightful movie with something for everyone. The animation is pretty standard but the story is great. For my daughter and me, we watched a woman come into her own and realize how fabulous she is. The boys in the car loved the action scenes and variety of aliens and monsters. Overall, we follow a group of previously government-hidden monsters as they save the US from an alien invasion.

The writing is clever, very funny. The kids laughed, and the adults laughed harder. The voice talent was great ... the cast is jammed with current stars. Stephen Colbert's president is hilarious! And Rainn Wilson is the perfect evil alien leader.

It is offered in 3D, of course, but this was great without it. I would recommend it for all ages (although my 3yo got a little scared when the alien robot first invaded). If you don't do theaters with the kids, definitely rent or library it.

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