Sunday, January 11, 2009


It is no secret that we love theater, music, and most importantly, musical theater!

This weekend, as my husband helped run the Illinois High School Theater Fest, I took my 12yo and 5yo to see their all-state production of Hairspray. Honestly, it was really good for a group of high schoolers. My 12yo is she absolutely loved it. The 5yo, after needing to go to the bathroom for most of the 1st act...really like it. He mouthed the words to most of the songs. He also gave a nice compare and contrast between the stage and movie versions. So...great job teenagers! you gave a fabulous gift to my little ones...the love of theater!

Next, I recently downloaded Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog soundtrack onto the computer so its been played a lot. This includes a partial dramatization of the show in my living room.

And finally, to finish our theatrical weekend...after having dinner with our friends, it was announced there was going to be show. After we took our seats...all the lights were turned off except their star turtle. A wonderful musical, stunt, dance spectacular was performed. (shows are a very common occurrence at our should be warned).

So I guess we are breeding a new generation of musical theater kids.


Karen said...

Oh the IHSTF memories!! Glad you guys had fun!!

Jenna said...

Dr.Horrible is awesome. Check it out on youtube or hulu.