Friday, January 30, 2009

Cake Day

Mom, we should have cake today.

Yes, Mom. We should have a Star Wars cake.

It should look like a ship.

No, it needs to have Luke Skywalker on it and Darth Vader.

(later in day)
Mom, I want an alligator cake. But it should taste like chocolate.
(while decorating)
Wait, I have the most perfect thing (an American flag).

So here is the Cake Day masterpiece. Cake made by the 3yo. Decorated by the 5yo. Enjoyed by all.


Julie said...

Man, I love your kids. What a perfect cake.!

Jenna's Hub David said...

Let it be known that I added Elvis. I demand recognition! So, Julie, I presume that you thus love me as well.

Thank you.

Jenna said...

Yes, my hub is responsible for the addition of his beloved Elvis and the photo.