Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go out!

It is beautiful outside today....lots of soft, white snow glistening in the sunshine. Yes, the morning 'commute' wasn't pretty and my street is yet to be plowed but it is perfect play snow (although not snowman snow just yet).

Even if you don't like to go outside, don't like the cold...take the kids out and play in the snow! So many adults just don't like to head outside...and I hear ya, in the middle of July, my air conditioned living room is more inviting...when its freezing and wet, my dry, warm kitchen seems like a better vantage point. But, we all need fresh air, sunshine, and exercise...not to mention FUN!

Have you made a snow angel in awhile? Have you sledded down your driveway recently? Its really fun.

Bundle up* (sure snowpants are nice but a couple layers of sweats works well, extra socks with good gym shoes, socks for extra hand warmth and dryness) and head out!!! Allow the kids to play and you to let loose. After awhile, hot chocolate is always the perfect finish.

*This is the time to keep an eye on clearance of winter items for next year...pick up snowpants in at least one size larger than your child is currently sizes...and stock up on mittens/gloves (we can rarely find matching ones). And pick function over fashion. Those cute knit gloves last one plunge in the snow.

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Donita said...

I know! It was great outside, I couldn't get my daughter to come back in, no matter how cold she was!