Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Poor People's Netflixs

Just a preface...I love the library.

From what I understand, if you have Netflix, you pay a monthly fee, make a list of the movies you would like to watch and they send them to you when available...when you are done, you send them back. My method, although it does require you to leave your house, is free.

I go online and request all the movies, books, tv shows, cds I would like to enjoy from my library. When they are available, I run in (or send pre-teen daughter in) to the Hold Room at the library, self-check and drive-thru bookdrop to return. What is even forget you even requested a certain movie (as you wait months for your turn) its a wonderful surprise when you get the email informing you something is ready.


The Fearless Freak said...

Shh, stop telling people my secret! I'll never get my movies now! :)

I'm looking for some TV shows for TB and the library DOESN'T HAVE THEM! I may have to totally break down and go to Family Video and *gasp* RENT them!

Jenna said...

Look online ( or first.

Leighann said...

That's what I do too. I just wish they had a drive up to pick up holds. Would make it even more convenient.

Jenna said...

A drive up hold would be awesome!