Sunday, January 04, 2009

Money Makes the World Go Round

This year, I think I will talk a lot about money since that is what everyone else is talking about. I will try my hardest to alternate Fitness and Frugal Friday posts. I apparently have gained a reputation of being extremely frugal. And I admit, sometimes I am shocked that we live on what we make but we do and now it is just the norm. the New Year resolution spirit, here is an article from the Chicago Tribune to get you thinking about your budget. The best thing to do to save money is clearly understand your family's economy. Take the time to work it out and this article provides great tips, ideas, and even worksheets for you!

*Our money saving tip of the day is...we paid for the holiday with real money...not credit cards. I don't have to fear next months credit card bill because it will be empty!


The Fearless Freak said...

It feels so good to not be saddled with the credit card debt after the holidays. We had an extra payday in October and I took that whole check and put it in savings for Christmas. That was it, when that was gone, shopping was over. It meant we had a slightly limited Christmas but it isn't like the kids were deprived in anyway. They still had way more than too much stuff!

megan said...

I read the article in your link! Great! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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