Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Meet Jack...and Rat, my sons' imaginary friends that have a very active life. Today, they went to school with us but sadly fell asleep on the way there so slept in the car. But did go to 'bus' school with the 5yo (but their class is across the hall). Jack, unfortunately, did not want to stay at school so the 3yo held his hand as walked to the car.

This has been going on for a couple weeks. We're not at the point that we have to go back somewhere after forgetting them but....we do have to set a place at the table, leave out a bed, and buckle them up before driving.

So cute.

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Julie said...

One of Megan's imaginary friends (either Cocky or Tootie, can't remember which one) was run over by a car on the day of my wedding while Megan was busy preparing for her flower girl duties. Cooper is wise to hold tight when walking to the car!