Monday, December 22, 2008

Top Lists

This is the time of year...let's count it I will too.

Today...I will tell you about my top 5 guilty-pleasure movies (movies that aren't really great, wouldn't qualify as 'films' but you always stop and watch them if on tv). You know...the ones you are slightly embarressed that you know most of the dialogue. Classic iconic movies don't count here (e.g. Dirty Dancing, Breakfast Club, Steel Magnolis, Wayne's World) and of course, no awards or critical acclaim.

5. The Cutting Edge--this classic ice skating movie (now a nice pair with Blades of Glory) was watched many times in my adolescence...toe pick!

4. She's All That (great soundtrack, classic teen flick...who doesn't love falafel hats?)

3. Bring It On--I was a cheerleader in high school.

2. Legally Blonde--I'm blonde too.

1. Final Destinations 1-3 (LOVE THEM!!! Love that they are almost always shown on TV back-to-back). The most creative and awesome death scenes without a real-life threatening killer.


Anonymous said...

The cutting edge is classic cinema!

monadnoc said...

yes, the cutting, i'll never fully get over my love of Moira Kelly -- TOE PICK!!!

Donita said...

Princess Bride (does that count?) and Man from Snowy River.

Jenna said...

Oh no, Princess Bride is too much of a film I think.