Monday, December 29, 2008

The Dynamic Duo

It is well-known that my youngest two sons love everything superhero. But my favorite part right now is the creativity to become a different superhero each day.

Each day they decide what superhero they would like to be...either established (e.g. spiderman, hulk) or original. If they have a representation of said superhero (e.g. picture, movie, action figure), they hold up the representation and try to match their clothes as closely as possible. This is where the real creativity comes in....

One day, they come in my room and say "Hey, look who we are!" (I had no clue). "See, I am wearing stripes like a flag and blue pants so I am Capt. America. And C. is wearing red, pretend that heart on his shirt is a spider, so he is Spiderman."

They often like to be the Hulk or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but their drawers lack green the 3yo one day puts on another color shirt and turns it backwards and tells me he is pretending his shirt is green so he can be Michael Angelo.

But my favorite was this week, when after giving up on being The Thing (since our 3yo doesn't have an all orange outfit), he decided to put on black and be "Black Man."

If only the other one decided to be the White Power ranger....

What a pair!

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Ms. Goose said...

Its amazing how dress-up and the world of imagination continues even into the preteen ages - if you encourage it! I hosted a Nancy Drew Mystery Birthday Party for my now 11 year old just over a week ago. The girls really got into trying to solve the mystery as 9 preteens, my husband, our 4 adult friends, and myself reinacted one of the books. I'm sure this could be done with about any children's book - read the book then invite over a friend or two and pretend to bring the book to life. I loved the picture of your two boys on the swings.

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