Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bail me out...

So its official, the economy what I have to say about fixing it.

Everyone who makes more than 1 million dollars per year should take the 1 mil and give the rest to the rest of us. Does anyone need more than 1 million dollars? I wouldn't even know what to do with that much money let alone 9mil or whatever ridiculous amounts athletes, movie stars, and major corporation CEO's make.

My husband says that they made that is theirs. True....but they don't need it. Do it for the love of the job and the joy it brings...that is why my husband and I are in jobs we are in...we love them and not the paycheck (obviously).

Yes, I realize this will never happen but think of the millions and millions of dollars.


Wade said...

I don't know ... when I start making my millions, I want to keep it.

Donita said...

I think CC Sabathia, new pitcher for the NY Yankees (formerly with the Milwaukee Brewers) can help out others in need with his 7 yr, $161 million (I think that's right) contract. This guarantees him about 28 million.per.start. Crazy, I tell you. I'm thinking...naw, he doesn't need that much, right?

Jenna said...

When I hear numbers like that I am just shocked. Why pay him that much when no one can afford to buy a ticket to the game? Same for movies...we can't afford to go to or even rent movies...thank goodness for the library!

And might actually make that much money one day...give me some, please.