Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold Quickies...

*Man, its cold out there...especially when you are standing outside the car waiting for little ones to find their car seats.

*We spent the weekend visiting half of our living relatives...all in less than 48 hrs! Complete with 2 restaurants, Christmas presents, sleet falling from the sky, drunken elders, puking kids, and lots and lots of love.

*Note on the puking kids....our 5yo spent one night, or early morning I should say, throwing up. But my mom told me she would take care of him, so I went back to bed. Thanks Mom! (later, he gave me a detailed description of the contents and emotions)

*I almost left my 12yo at a rest stop on the highway (think Little Miss Sunshine)...she spent the trip in iPod world, I didn't know she was missing.

*4 more days until Winter Break for me and the kids! And no travelling!!

*No, I don't have my Christmas shopping done...and those of you who have it done and wrapped should not mention it to the rest of us. I did bake today...finally.

*You know that my brother and I share a brain when he shouts one word at the table and only I laugh!

*My grandma decided that she needs to find a young (60+) billionaire to marry...let me know if you know any. She will settle for a millionaire, if necessary. I now refer to her as the golddigging cougar...with love.

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