Sunday, December 28, 2008

Late for a date

Next year, I think we will celebrate Christmas on the would save us a fortune! This year, I cut our holiday budget down considerably (through freecycle and cutting extra things down (e.g. candy, stocking stuffers)) but think about...everything is on sale now. Just because hershey kisses are wrapped in red and green...on the 26th they are marked down 75%...but not just wrapping paper, ribbons, cards, and candy.....stores are clearing their extra lots of things are on sale. (actually I saw prices starting to drop starting the 21st)

So next year, maybe we'll wait an extra day or two.

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Leeanthro said...

We are celebrating on the 1st with one part of my family. We got movie gift cards for all the kids, but I was totally considering seeking out after Christmas deals for them.