Friday, December 05, 2008

Fitness Friday!

Its cold out there! And it is, for most people, the busiest time of, parties, food...

I like to get outside when I can but I don't risk injury exercising on ice-covered surfaces...but I let the kids out all the time to play. Bundle up! Go out. I watch from the door and make them hot cocoa when their noses are rosy. Playing in the snow is great exercise! Shoveling! Raking the leaves you didn't get to before the snow! Making a snowman! Just being in the cold takes more energy. If you must keep them in...I kid you not...invest in a small climber, slide, trampoline, nerf basketball hoop, something. Clear some space and let them run around. It will make everyone happier (natural exercise high, release of excessive energy, fun).

As for me, I head to the gym a little bit more (stay later, really). Since I'm planning on running all over CU in the spring...the treadmill and elliptical will be my extra activity. But I always like to jump some rope for 10mins...its fun and a great, quick workout. Its all about mediation for out for 10-30mins each day...listen to good music or watch trashy tv....revitalizing!

Of course, I highly advocate belting out holiday songs and dancing around the Christmas tree.


Donita said...

Does this mean you are running the C-U marathon? My hubby is...I'll watch from the sidelines. :)

Jenna said...

My hubby and I are planning on the half. I don't have the time to appropriately train for the full. We'll see.