Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just one of those weeks...

It has just been crazy around here..........

Its hot so we are inside a lot (which doesn't agree with the kids).
The cat is sick (after initially calling the vet, they asked us to get a urine sample...from a cat...).
The baby won't nap is very crabby come 4pm.
My husband is crazy busy with work...I think he lives here still but I haven't really seen him.
My 3yo wants to dress himself..this is good until he asked where his snowpants were.
Because the cat was sick, I missed talking to someone about registration at school and therefore had to waste a bunch of time waiting around (for nothing in the end) which caused me to miss an appointment at work...which makes me feel really bad (really, I was very puctual and reliable before kids).
My littlest one is eating deodorant again (why does he keep trying it?).
My husband suggested we go out to dinner, so I didn't have to cook...the boys were in a crazy mood and I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out.
Our dryer is broken...almost causing a fire (ok, that's a bit of exaggeration but not too much).
Our printer ran out of ink.
My husband's power cord is broken so we are sharing one (I do not recommended it).
I'm totally exhausted and overwhelmed with work and daily life.....

but I took time to have an iced coffee and watch So You Think You Can Dance last all will be well (except the cat...who should be well soon enough).

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