Monday, August 27, 2007

We are the Super Family...and we have no power!!

So, we visited Chicagoland this past weekend...despite warnings that the power was out. Terrible storms raged through on Thursday and left tens of thousands of people without power for days....when I left on Sunday afternoon, my mom was still in the dark. Of course our power has gone out before but I have never experienced a power outage of this magnitude. In many ways it was great!

Despite the desserts that needed to find safety in a neighbor's fridge...we did very well without electricity. We had a bit of a rush at dinner time to cook (the gas range worked) before sunset and shower quickly with what was left of the hot water. We also had to eat or dump everything in the fridge and freezer (that of which my mom has two). And traffic was a bit slow.

Because this effected everyone in town, it was a moment to work with and help your neighbors. You could see extension cords running across streets, people sharing generators, and food items. The coffee shops with electricty were busy with the internet-deprived (although my husband had enough battery to poach someone's connection from the yard).

But as my daughter said..."it was kind of nice. We got to talk to each other and play a lot." Wow! I completely took the opportunity to detox my kids from the summer TV/DVD addictions. My husband and I both felt very relaxed over the weekend we thought perhaps the lack of noise (no music, tv, running a/c), tv, phone calls, urge to check email and news.

One activity was playing Super Family with our new super capes (that I made upon my son's request). I made one for each of the 11 of us. We ran around the yard and neighborhood...saying "We are the Super Family, and we have no power!". It was fun.

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