Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Everyone's in School!

Yesterday morning...everyone was in school, except me! And it was a nice feeling. I could have done anything for three hours! Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Everyone did fine. My 2yo, in a toddler class, just walked in and didn't even look back. I did say good-bye to him later. He had a great day but was exhausted. He fell asleep shortly after we got home and was crabby until about 3pm. My 4yo loved being the 'big kid' room next to his brother. He played the whole time with his 'favorite friend'. My 10yo got to come home early due to the heat and had her first day of homework. My husband had a great day at his paramedic class learning to save lives.

I got to drink a whole cup of coffee at one with some ladies at the gym...take a shower at home without interruption...and listen to the quiet house!


Gwenna said...

Ahhh! Sounds nice...Those days seem so far away for me. By the way, you and your dd might like to know that we're expecting #2. :)

lbotp said...

Looks like you had some birthdays in your house. I'm curious where you're sending the 2yo, as I will be in that position next fall. (of course if you don't want to give out that information on the information superhighway I totally understand).

Jenna said...

Our just 2yo and our soon-to-be 4 yo go to the Child Development Lab's 1/2 Day preschool. Our oldest went there as well. (I also taught and worked there years ago).

We love it. The quality is amazing...and the price (looking at $/day) is on par with others in the area (but it sounds like more since it is 4 days/week).

lbotp said...

How do you like the Tues-Fri schedule? Is there any particular reason behind those days? It seems to me that there really aren't a lot of options for 2yo preschool in this town, for some odd reason.

Jenna said...

There a very few options for 2's in town (a lot of mommy and me-type programs).
I don't know the reasoning behind T-F schedule except that is works better to have school consistently for 4 days (rather than every other day). The kids adjust to the schedule better. We like it...I don't have to think as much with it in a block.