Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back to real life.

So my days of watching bad movies and napping are put on hold while I started back to work this week.

I was more than ready to get out of the house regularly and see all my friends, students, parents, and gym peeps again. And my easy-going 7-week-old was ready for some action too--ok, he slept through most of anything. I am fortunate to work in two extremely family-oriented places--on-site childcare and lots of eager hands to snuggle him.

Everyone has asked me all are you? did it go ok? how is he? Everything is fine. I get to see the little bundle whenever I need to and he gets to see me whenever he needs me. And really, I only work 4 hrs a day and teach fitness for 55 mins per week. I absolutely love my jobs, so I was so happy to be back.

Unfortunately, the rest of my life continued as well...driving kids around, newsletters to write, tutoring to do, lots of laundry and dishes to wash, books to read, report cards to enjoy, grocery shopping, big kids to chat with.... That, combined with the fact the little one found the need to eat continually from midnight to 6am each night...was exhausting. Seeing my husband nap or hearing him snore was a bit irritating, to say the least.

So we're hanging in least until summer.

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