Sunday, April 03, 2011

Mas Amigos...still a family favorite

I've written about Mas Amigos Restaurant in Champaign before but I feel the need to reaffirm my love for this place. There was a time when we were there once a week but we have held back a bit (alternating with Black Dog in Urbana for our lunch dates).

The food is great. My favorite item has to be the mole sauce. Our 5yo actually orders 1 chicken enchilada with mole sauce as his favorite dinner since the summer. It is just spicy enough and rich with that perfect hint of chocolate...perfect. The guacamole is fantastic which goes with the hot, fresh chips and salsa so well. My husband orders the exact same thing every time....steak burrito and chorizo taco combo with lots of the special green sauce. Our 14yo favors the fajitas...steak or veggie with corn tortillas. And the 7yo orders crispy chicken taco with cheese and just rice, no beans. I also enjoy the tamales.

The service is delightful. They know us well...laughing when I came in alone, 8mons pregnant and probably ate enough chips for a small family. It is fast and accurate. The prices are very reasonable...most items between $5-10.

So, go people!

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