Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Life as we know it

Just to recap...

We have a 14yo who is trying to get us to teach her to drive (yes, drive....reminding us she is only 18mon away from 16!), registered for high school, and we are having to teach her to responsibility of a cell phone and the evil interweb. She is also nutty busy with school and church activities, not to mention her social life.

A 7yo who is reading everything, eliminating the once-effective mute/closed captioning button (hey, what does se....sex...sexy mean? should I google it? look they said it again!). He is also become an expert chess player way above my ability and tries to out logic us to get out of chores. He is inquisitive about everything and is insistent on looking up lots of facts.

A 5yo who has quickly figured out how to take advantage of a tired and always nursing mother. He has decided he is a real big kid now and wants to watch big kid shows, make up very mean comebacks, avoid homework at all costs. At least he still needs some cuddle time each day.

A 4week old who nurses, poops, and sleeps continually. He is trying hard to control his neck and head.

A little bit of everything...just the way we like it.

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The Flying Weglarzs said...

Sounds great! Missing all of you....