Sunday, March 06, 2011

Netflix Newbie

As I am on maternity leave and ordered to do as little as possible...the first three weeks I was told to do hubby decided to get the free trial of Netflix. And we love did we function before?!

We do get DVD's in the mail but the part that we love is the instant streaming onto our laptop and xbox. Anytime we can watch tons of movies and tv shows. So I've watched a lot. I especially like documentaries, so I have watched a lot (and learned a lot about the movie rating system, french pastry competitions, vaccinations, natural gas, Joan Rivers). The kids love that they can watch Spongebob at any moment (for the hour it is not on tv). My only wish would be that Netflix monitors when I fall asleep while watching and starts the movie again when I wake up.

So, now my hubby wants to get rid of the satellite. I'm not ready for that move...I like to watch current tv shows and the local news. But lots of people are doing this...any of you?


The Fearless Freak said...

We just did it. I canceled cable Monday. So far, the only issue we've had is that the kids like to lay in my bed on Saturday morning and watch TV and now they can't but it was about 20 minutes out of the whole week. I don't miss it (or the outrageous bill) at all.

The Invisible said...

We still have the most basic cable, but only because the "bundle" with internet is only three dollars more and it gets us tv in the kitchen. We're pretty much all Hulu and Netflix though (and now Amazon since they added free streaming to Prime accounts).

Gwenna said...

We are cable-free. We do have Netflix and Andy built some HD antenae thing so we get the basic channels. I don't really feel like we are missing out and there are some channels that I am really glad my kids don't have access to. We do still some Redbox though when nothing else is appealing. :)

Karina said...

Cut the chord over a year ago and don't regret it at all! Now I watch things I mean to and plan to rather than surfing endlessly .