Tuesday, November 18, 2008


*I am waiting patiently for the 21st Century inventions presented in the Jetson's television show to come into being...I really want the walk-thru shower/dressing machine and the dinner options.

*Why isn't there a good movie in the theaters on the once-in-months date night? Although Role Models made me laugh out loud...the perfectly buttered popcorn was the star of the experience.

*Should I feel bad that I watch tv/movies online...most likely posted illegally?

*My 5yo is obsessed with Hairspray...I love hearing him sing (even when its at 6am).

*3yo is diaper-free!!

*12yo had to miss her first school dance due to some bad grades...a tough but right parenting decision.

*I really love coffee.

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Jeanne said...

congratulations to Cooper...and his mom and dad! :)