Saturday, November 15, 2008

Marriage...what the?

Ok...Prop 8 has really opened up the discussion of marriage across the country.

Here's my thought today that has really bothered me....
Right now, two people of the same gender/sex cannot be legally married, in most states.

However...someone who has gone under some kind of transgender process can legally change genders/sexes and then get legally married. For example, a woman who transgendered into a male can become legally a man and then marry a woman. Additionally, people who get married as a heterosexual couple but then one decides to transgender...their marriage is still legal. So despite, someone's chromosomal make up or physical body...they can marry.

I am really bothered that a country and state can define male and female and thus marriage and parenthood.

Again....we are all people. This is so frustrating!


McBloggy said...

Personally, I think that marriage needs to be completely removed from the legal system.

brother Phil said...

Just checked in with a friend of gay mine in SF whose 'marriage' is breaking up. While they're not legally married, they have a state-approved domestic partnership that includes legal privileges and financial responsibility.
So, in a state with domestic partner laws, like California, same-sex couples get all the responsibility and none of the respect of being "married."

brother Phil said...
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