Sunday, November 09, 2008

More the Marry-er

Obviously, I am liberal in ideology so someone can help me out...I just don't understand why two loving people of the same sex cannot get married in the US?

Not only can they not get married in most states...but California said yes and now no. How can you treat people that way?

I simply do not understand how same-sex marriage will ruin the institution of marriage. Marriage is about love, trust, devotion, support...those qualities exist regardless of sex. And I find the religious argument (e.g. homosexuality is prohibited by God) mute because, in the US, any heterosexual couple can get married regardless of their religious affiliation.

Shouldn't we treat everyone in the country equally? That is the bottom line, isn't.


Donita said...


Anonymous said...

I find it shocking that a majority gets to vote on the rights of a minority group.

Anonymous said...

That is what makes it a democracy.

Anonymous said...

Very well put post!

Julie said...

I agree. I can never understand why folks worry so much about what goes on in other people's homes.

And I believe my God is all about love--in whatever form it takes.