Friday, November 14, 2008

Fitness Friday!

Reflections on my own fitness...

Honestly, I really never exercised seriously before five years ago. Yes, I went to gym class in school, took some dance, was a cheerleader, I would do some crunches here and there and walk around campus in college...and I was a big fan of Body Electric! Not sure if it was the best husband move but...after receiving both an Ab Roller and a Thigh Master for my birthday...we finally joined a gym after our middle baby.

I remember vividly my first kickboxing class (thanks, Lisa!). I thought I was going to die...yes, that is how I felt. Step class was a mess. I couldn't run more than few steps. Now five years later, things have obviously changed. I had two new members in my kickboxing class this week...I told them how my first class was.

Later this week, I decided to run on the treadmill (something I rarely do). I step on, find the right music...I am running at a good gasping, no aches in my shins...just a relaxing repetitive movement. So I move on...I jump rope for awhile...trying new tricks to show my teen class..move on to some toning. It was a good workout but I wasn't going to puke...I didn't need to stumble for my inhaler.

I am in good shape and that idea feels really good. I suppose I knew I was in ok shape but I've finally given up on numbers on the scale...I don't obsess over the softness of my belly...I focus on how I feel. I can carry laundry up two flights of stairs without exhaustion. I can sprint after my fearless 3yo. I can show my daughter how to have fun and exercise at the same time (especially since she is complaining about TaeBo videos being forced upon her in PE). I feel better focused on life after relieving stress.

I guess its nice to feel at peace about something in life.

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gwenna said...

That's awesome! Way to go!!!

It is one area of my life that has been slacking in the past 2 yrs or so and I can feel it. I'm just not in shape anymore and it stinks!