Monday, November 24, 2008


Yes, I noticed the Christmas decorations were out in stores before Halloween...and they are in full bloom now yet Thanksgiving dinner hasn't even been cleared (I have started cooking it). Andy Rooney makes a good case here.

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I often cringe when I see Christmas lights a glow before December and I, personally, refuse to pull out any holiday items before Dec 1st (even though I so love my collection of holiday socks). And despite my kids watch Rudolph all year, I try hard not to indulge too much too early. However, I did check Stephen Colbert's new special...hilarious! The music is brilliant (I love the Nutmeg song!). You can watch it in clips here...or buy it on DVD starting Tuesday.


The Fearless Freak said...

I don't much care for Christmas at Christmas time. I hate this crap starting before Thanksgiving and I can barely refrain from screaming when it starts before Halloween.

I do LOVE Black Friday shopping and am getting the majority of my shopping done that day. But mostly, I don't buy stuff then for Xmas. It is just stuff we need, cheap :)

Melissa Niksic said...

To me, you can pull out all the holiday garb the day after Thanksgiving...anything after that is too early.