Monday, September 15, 2008

What am I missing?

Overall, I try not to talk too much about politics here but...I am completely fascinated with the current election. I am a devoted follower of Anderson Cooper on CNN (I really just like to listen to him say cute..tell me more about the powerful winds blowing in Texas).

But what I am missing is what people love about Sarah Palin. If you are one of her followers, please tell me. She obviously has made a major impact on this election.

I admit, I like her attitude...that she is a mom...she is very likable as a person (although I probably wouldn't be friends with her...I try to stay away from non-related stark conservatives). She has held public office.

But come on...the term 'flip flopper' is very accurate for both her and McCain. And she just doesn't come off as intelligent to me at all (how many people got fired over the Charlie Gibson interview?).

And really, her becoming president if McCain is elected is a reasonable assumption and overall, I would say that putting someone in office that is less than brilliant is frightening, but we've had that person in office for 8 years.

I'm just baffled me out.


MidlifeMutant said...

I seem to be missing it, too.

Karen said...

I'm baffled too! (and you know, I'm SO with you on the whole Anderson Cooper thing...I love to watch him work a hurricane like no other)

The Fearless Freak said...

I think that she is charismatic. She is a good speaker. In that respect, she is very much like Obama and plenty of people like him for his ability to give a good speech. Unfortunately, that is all SP really has going for her, where Obama has much more than the gift of gab.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a supporter but coming from a VERY conservative family I get it. She's got the down home common sense thing down. She's a "maverick" which carries more weight than experience given that many hard core right wingers distrust everything with Washington's seal of approval. She's young and vital and an ultra conservative breath of fresh air to the campaign. Most conservatives dislike McCain (rightfully so given his record) and may not have participated in the election had he not chosen her. Add to that his age and health issues and many of the people now excited to elect him are eager to watch Palin sworn in after his death (that is now being spoken of with delight amongst many of Palin's supporters).

Melissa Niksic said...

"I try to stay away from non-related stark conservatives."

Ha ha ha, me too!

As for Sarah Palin, I just don't get her...and I cannot believe that there are a bunch of people who will vote for McCain just because Sarah "I can see Alaska from my house!" Palin is on the ticket.

La Tete said...

Check out this NYTimes article about Palin. This is some wacky stuff!

Donita said...

What..."moose-huntin', pistol-packin'" hot mama doesn't grab you? (those words were delivered from McCain's own mouth, shiver me timbers). I am SO not a conservative, so I obviously don't get it -but , like McBloggy, I come from a conservative family and when I remember that...I so get it.