Wednesday, September 24, 2008

$25 a week UPDATE

So, I have determined that we could eat for $25 if we needed to but it would grow tiresome....always having to be vigilant on the budget. I have found myself wanting to just pick up lunch after work but stopped myself because I didn't want to blow my per diem on a sandwich that I could make at home.

The other interesting concern is budgeting the money. If I break down all the staples....spices, flour, coffee, rice, ketsup.....per serving they easily fit into the limited budget...but you would have to lay out the $6 for it when you buy how does that effect the rest of the week's money. (I do take advantage of Meijer's 15%/5% off days EVERY time...and use those days to stock up).

Its a lot of planning (more so that I have had to make myself do since I can spend what I want at the grocery each visit).

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