Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Let me tell you a secret...I am a crier. I thought it might be hormonal...being pregnant and nursing for so many years...but I think it is just who I am. So, yes, world...I cry...a lot.

I cry at TV commercials, TV shows (any show), movies, books, speeches, reading blogs, almost every time I head home after spending time with my mom, brothers, or best friends, every time after vacation, every wedding I see, every time I hear certain songs, as I write blogs about crying.

I accept this about myself...and I wear waterproof mascara.


Misc said...

We're all crybabies in my family. I can't even look at another person crying for fear of tearing up. Though, I refer to myself as an "empathetic crier".

I know exactly what you mean.

Yet I can be totally unmoved by my children's tears (depends on the situation). Maybe because I automatically feel the need to be strong for them or whatever or I know they're crying to manipulate my feelings.

Gwenna said...

Hmmm...I don't think I would have guessed this about you. I am a crier too so it is making me wonder, is everyone a crier? Maybe some are just more open criers and some are closet criers?

Leeanthro said...

Me too.