Wednesday, September 03, 2008

School Days

So, its is on!

Our 11yo just loves middle school. She finally got her locker combination down...memorized her lunch code...met all her teachers...made some new friends. Although there hasn't been a lot of talk about academics...she is doing well. She went to the mall the other day with her girlfriend...oh, help me!

Our 4yo LOVES school. He goes to 'morning' school with me...which he likes and really enjoys being an inside man. Then he goes to 'bus' school...which he just raves about. Hey, the bus pulls into the driveway. Right now the schools balance each other. He likes them both and looks forward to school everyday...and I mean EVERY day (it was a long 3-day weekend).

Our now-3yo loves his half-day of school too. I think he's still trying to be a big kid (he's the youngest in his class). But he is busy...although playdough is still the main activity of the day. He is exhausted come 4pm though...and we are enjoying having him to ourselves a little bit. He does ask to go to 'bus' school with big brother or walk over to our daughter's school...he really wants to do all the activities of the others.

I love teaching again. I am so busy but its all good for now. It makes me go to bed early (9pm on Sunday!).

My hub loves that he's not in school this year!

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The Flying Weglarzs said...

Sounds wonderful. I'm so happy that everyone is adjusting well to the new schools and no-school too! My first week of school really starts today with the dreaded Herbs 1 class. I have almost $400 of books to buy...yikes! Anyhow, enjoy the new fall schedule! We miss you guys already....
love, Kate