Sunday, April 15, 2007

This Week...

What we ate...
Beet and feta salad (my new favorite...salad greens, canned beets, feta, balsamic dressing)
White bean and tomato soup
Elbow mac with carrots, peas, and salami
Roasted Red Pepper Pasta with chicken
Tofu fried rice
Popcorn shrimp with peas and pasta
Raisin Bran Carrot Muffins
French Toast with berry syrup
Whole Wheat Pancakes
Chili Mac
Egg Salad
Fun-due (cheese fondue with veggies, fruit, and bread plus chocolate fondue with fruit)

What we read....
the baby...Look and Find books, his big word books
the 3yo...'reading' a lot independently, The Secret of Snow, Mickey Mouse books
the 10yo...Kiki's Delivery Service, Nick Magazine
the mom...Over Her Dead Body by Kate White

What we watched...
Hoodwinked and Barnyard (family movie night!)

I miss a lot of my favorite shows because not only are three on at the same time (Thursday nights at 8pm) but I don't sit down until after I watch them online. NBC, CBS, and ABC all offer many of their shows at full-episode online the day after they air on TV. It is great! No Tivo required!

CSI this week rocked! It was great! They actually were doing a re-cap show of the season before the last big push of sweeps and season finales but unlike Grey's that was doing the same thing, they made it interesting. They reviewed the major case that has been trailing along all season (and will be solved by the end, they say) but the show had a plot and was full of CSI's great dark humor. This was no clip-show! Check it out on

Have a great week and VOTE! if you are having a local election!

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