Friday, April 06, 2007

A mini-spa?

Yesterday, I went to the 8am! I actually enjoy going to the dentist. It gives me 30 minutes without the kids...I get to watch TV (those morning shows I never usually watch), lay down, have some adult conversation, and someone cleans my teeth for me! What else could you ask for? If only we could create a shower/bathing system like just lay down for half an hour and relax, listen to music or watch tv, and you come out clean, legs shaved, hair washed and dried for you. That would be great!

*Just a shout-out to my dentist, Dr. Jim Yu at Creative Smiles. He actually isn't the most personable or anything...but you only spend about a minute with him at each exam. You get to spend more time with him if you haven't been taking care of yourself. He is pleasant and nice. During those extended sessions, they are great and there is no pain. Their hygienists are great! Very nice, talkative but not too much, gentle, and not judgemental (why aren't you flossing more?!). And if you are good and take care of yourself, you are in and out in 30 minutes!

*Just a word about going to the it! Especially if you have dental insurance, go! It is so worth problems can lead to lots of other problems and, if not taken care of, can be very expensive to repair later. If you don't have insurance, it can be expensive, but try to get in for a cleaning and exam at least once a year. It is worth the expense you know how much a filling or root canal costs...lots! And bring your kids! Find a good pediatric dentist...or one that is good with kids. Ours is Dr. Hemann and Dr. Cheng. Our middle one has lots of dental problems and we are so glad we took him in....he was 2 1/2 years (but we should have taken him in earlier).

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