Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Summer Fun (let's make plans!)

It is always exciting when the park district guide come to our mailbox. Both my husband and I take a lot of time looking through it and reading about all the new programs and great events planned for the upcoming season (do I need to mention, most of the events are free!). We even talk about it....did you see this? Let's definately go to that.

Then a month passes, and by the time the events actually occur, we have totally forgotten about them and end up missing them.

So, last season, I went through and wrote the interesting events on our frig calendar (the one that runs our lives and can't live without). We didn't go to everything, but we were, at least, aware of what was happening.

I have to say, our park districts are great...award-winning even. They offer so many programs and great special events and festivals. In the summer, there are tons of outdoor movies and concerts that feature many local artists, not to mention the pools, Hessel Water Park, Prairie Farms. Both cities here offer great programs for the kids (our daughter loves Urbana's theater program*). Attending these events is a good way to participate in your community and support it. Many events are free. And in CU, you receive residency in both Champaign and Urbana. So, check out your local park district and see what is happening.

Champaign Park District
**They have extended the reduced-price (10%) pool pass until May 3rd!

Urbana Park District

*This year, UPD's Youth Summer Theatre production will be Honk! (a musical version of the ugly duckling). It is a cast of 9-18yo led by the fantastic Jen Bechtel (a new mom!). They also offer a program for the younger ones, 6-9yo. Everyone who auditions is cast and it only costs $12 plus costume fees. It is a great program and the production always amazes me in the end. There is an audition workshop this Sunday, April 29th at 6pm (with audition the weekend of May 20th). If you have one who loves to dance, sing, and act...check out this program.

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